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The LUMN8™ Team

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Hello There! And Welcome LUMN8™! We're a team of talented creatives and marketing guru's who feel inspired to bring fun, illuminating products to our customer's lives. While sourcing products for our sister brand, Boundery, we began selecting these products for our LUMN8™ collection specifically because they make us happy; we have them in and around our homes, so we know first-hand how a little light can bring levity and joy to our surroundings and souls. During the craziness that was 2020, we found that pandemic lockdowns were much more tolerable with a little extra sparkle at home, and now that pandemic lockdowns are (hopefully!) a thing of the past, the pizzazz that LUMN8™ products add are still a welcome reminder to keep our moods light and our spirits lifted as we focus on the positivity and love that surrounds us every day. This is what the joyful party called "life" is really all about, and that is what LUMN8™ stands for. Won't you join us? 🤟



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