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Product FAQ's

Cruise these sections for deets on our most popular LUMN8™ products!

Retro RGB Solar LED Fence Light

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The Retro RGB Solar Fence Light by LUMN8™ is a wireless solar light you can install on any fence, wall, or staircase in less than 30 seconds, adding an extra burst of color to your backyard oasis at DIY prices anyone can afford. Using the Retro Solar Fence Light is incredibly simple. If you can use a screwdriver you already know how to install them. Place them anywhere they can receive sunlight during the day. They are solar powered, so no extra wiring or fancy electrical work is required. Expose them to sunlight for a full day... Then when dusk arrives, use the simple switch in the back to turn the Retro Solar Fence Light on or off, and toggle between the color settings. Customers are hooked on this look! 5 Reasons Why You'll Love Retro Solar Fence Light ✅ No electrician required (wireless & easy to install) ✅ Quick charge (expose to sun today, use tonite!) ✅ Custom colors (guests will love the shuffle feature) ✅ Weatherproof: IP55 rated (Works rain or shine) Specifications: Power: Ni-MH AA 1.2V /850mAH Voltage: 6v Brightness: 30 Lumens Dimensions: 11 X 6 X 14 cm Life Span: 100,000 Hours Get Your RGB Fence Light Here [link]

EFX™ Remote-Control LED Light Disc

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The LUMN8™ EFX™ Remote Control accent light is a multi-colored LED light that can be placed anywhere in or around your home, and is operated by remote control. Because it's battery powered, it is easy to install almost anywhere you want to add accent lighting, making it easier than ever to get the custom look you want at an affordable price. Colors and brightness adjust effortlessly with the included remote control. Product Details 10 super-bright LED lights per disc Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included; we recommend using only new alkaline or lithium AAA batteries with a 1.5V rating for light units - do not mix old and new batteries) Lasts 4-6 hours with qualified batteries 16 different static light modes, 4 dynamic color-changing modes Multi-functional indoor and outdoor use Water-resistant (submersible for up to 6 hours) Each 4 pack of lights comes with 1 remote, tuned to the sensor frequency of those 4 lights Each EFX disc light is 2.75 inches across and 1 inch tall Remote control is powered by AG10 cell batteries (1 included) Remote control range of 10 feet, 3 feet when submerged Q&A How do I replace the batteries in the lights? Unscrew the battery back plate from the light disc to expose the battery compartment. Insert 3 new AAA batteries. Screw battery back plate on, making sure that the rubber seal is firmly sealed. Are the EFX L.E.D. Lights submersible? Yes! However, to ensure that the integrity of the water-tight seal is not degraded, we recommend leaving the EFX L.E.D. Lights submerged for no more than 4-6 hours. Do not expose the IR remote control to direct or indirect moisture. Why is my light turning red? The EFX lights are built with an internal setting which tells you when it's time for new batteries. When the batteries start to get low, the lights will start to maintain a steady red light. Don't worry - your lights are still working properly, as this is your signal to change the batteries! Once you have fresh batteries in the unit(s), the unit(s) will be ready to return to the color of light and/or flash pattern you prefer. How do I use the IR remote control? Remove the protective plastic tab from the battery compartment on IR remote control. Press "ON" using the remote while pointing it directly at the black IR sensor on the face of the light unit to ensure operation. IR control distance is within 10 ft. (3.1 m.) in an open area. The remote must be aimed at the top of the light unit (directly at the L.E.D.s). Each color button on the remote control signifies which color you want the disc(s) to display. Use the "FADE" or "JUMP" buttons for color-changing modes. Why is my remote not working? That means it is time to change the batteries in either the remote, or the lights, or both. The individual EFX units contain a sensor which communicates to the remote; if the batteries in the EFX unit(s) are too low, the EFX unit can no longer communicate with the remote. While the batteries in your remote may be brand new, it won't be able to operate the EFX unit(s) if the batteries in them are too low for the unit(s) to receive that signal from the remote. Once you put fresh batteries in the EFX unit(s), your remote will begin working again. I replaced the batteries in the lights, but they still aren't working - why? Did you put a fresh battery in the remote as well? Both the lights themselves and the remote must have batteries with sufficient power in order for the units to communicate with each other. Please try using a fresh battery for the remote, and fresh batteries for the lighting units at the same time. If this still doesn't solve your problem, please contact Customer Service for a replacement. For best results, we recommend running your lights on lower power settings when you don't need the brightest setting in order to extend the life of your batteries. We also recommend removing the batteries from the individual units in between uses. Do not leave your EFX Lights submerged or exposed to moisture for more than 6 hours at a time. EFX Lights are intended for occasional decorative use. They are not intended to be used in place of permanent lighting fixtures, either indoors or outdoors. See How to Use LUMN8 EFX Lights Get your EFX Lights here



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